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About us

What’s this all about then?

Litter, garbage, trash… Whatever you want to call it even the cleanest places can have some lying around and that just looks rubbish! (see what we did there…?).

What’s your point?

We got to thinking that if people picked up Just One Piece of litter when they were on vacation the world would be a cleaner place and that would be a good thing!

Can Just One Piece really make a difference?


Seriously, will it make a difference?

Yes; apparently there are over 1 billion people that go on holiday every year. That’s 1 billion pieces of trash and that is A LOT of litter… Of course it’ll take a while to get everyone involved but you can start with Just One Piece today (or next time you are on vacation so long as you promise you will!).

Why are you doing this?

Because as good as our intentions are we’re actually really bad at getting up early to volunteer for stuff. Much as we’d like to we never quite get around to donating lots to charities. Or even offsetting our carbon footprints… But this small gesture, if lots of people do it, will make a big difference without any of us really having to do much at all! It’s like being a really good boy (or girl) scout without having to put in the effort!

So who are we?

A group of friends from various parts of the world that passionately believe that one simple idea can really make a difference without tons (see what we did there, again?) of effort. And more importantly that people are genuinely good at heart and care about their environment and so if they’ve read this far will pick up the next piece of garbage they see (or at least think about doing that).

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